11 Wins Priest Arena run

Eleven win arena run with a rather strange Priest deck. After far surpassing my estimated 5 wins I lost the final game to a tempo murloc knight that left me no way to catch up. AOE can really fix up a deck full of a lot of bad and mediocre cards.

deck list:

1 Holy Smite 1x
1 Power Word: Shield 1x
1 Northshire Cleric 1x
1 Twilight Whelp 1x
1 Zombie Chow 1x
2 Shadow Word: Pain 1x
2 Amani Berserker 1x
2 Pint-Sized Summoner 1x
2 Shadow Word: Death 1x
3 Velen’s Chosen 2x
3 Illuminator 1x
3 Imp Master 1x
3 Raid Leader 1x
4 Arcane Nullifier X-21 1x
4 Defender of Argus 1x
4 Gnomish Inventor 1x
4 Holy Champion 2x
4 Tomb Spider 1x
4 Twilight Drake 1x
5 Excavated Evil 1x
5 Holy Nova 3x
5 Frost Elemental 1x
5 Lord of the Arena 2x
9 North Sea Kraken 1x
10 Mind Control 1x

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