12 Wins Paladin Arena Run

At long last a another 12 win arena run. To no big surprise this time it was a paladin deck that carried me. Having some rather medium – but flexible – early game really helped me out and divine shields and a keeper of uldaman secured the midgame while 2 Cult Masters made sure I didn’t run out of steam.

deck list:

1 Light’s Justice 1x
1 Clockwork Gnome 1x
1 Elven Archer 1x
2 Equality 1x
2 Haunted Creeper 2x
2 Mad Bomber 1x
2 Shielded Minibot 1x
2 Stonesplinter Trox 1x
2 Wind Pyromancer 1x
3 Seal of Champion 1x
3 Scarlet Crusader 1x
3 Silent Knight 1x
3 Warhorse Trainer 1x
4 Blessing of Kings 1x
4 Cult Master 2x
4 Defender of Argus 1x
4 Keeper of Uldaman 1x
4 Mechanical Yeti 1x
4 Murloc Knight 2x
4 Piloted Shredder 1x
5 Solemn Vigil 1x
5 Darkscale Healer 1x
5 Harrison Jones 1x
5 Pit Fighter 1x
6 Argent Commander 1x
6 Piloted Sky Golem 1x
7 Ravenholt Assassin 1x

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