Hello World

Fuuuck… He cursed at the ticker running through the HUD of his sunglasses. Arkadion had raised their profit margin again, for the third time this year. And it was only June. Stockholders would be happy, but for how long he wondered? How long would distribution take? Raising Profits could only mean that the quality standards for the outgoing semiconductor assemblies had been lowered once again. Nobody cared any more. He had worked in tech support long enough during his college days.

When he was growing up Computers were just starting to become everyday objects, being built into every crook and cranny people could find. No thoughts about whether it made any sense. Who cared, everything in production was optimized for a lifespan of 2 years or less anyhow. If its gonna be gone in 2 years and its cheap, there’s no need to think twice about useless gadgetry. In his fathers day now… computers had been something special. But even thinking about that reminded him of how far away that was from anything he could even imagine. The problem with computers these days were not the useless gadgets that kept creating problems nobody had forseen, the real pain in the ass was that the damn things were so unreliable that tech support had almost become a kind of mysticism.

Nobody really knew why a machine wouldnt work the way it should anymore, not because nobody knew anymore how a machine should work, but because the error margins had been increasing steadily while flimsy algorithms tried to catch any errors to avoid system failure. As anyone might imagine this circle had the tendency to replicate… Since nobody really knew, or could know what was causing the error they went by protocol trying to narrow the source of the problem down. At least this had been one of the earlier approaches. Nowadays people would swear on heat sensitivity, that keeping the cpu temperature stable was the main thing, others said that balancing out the computers according to earths gravity would to the trick. Some just liked working more when they were lying down and not standing up.

There had even been a movements trying to balance out the energies with Feng-Shui while another tried to teach people which tone of voice their computer preferred. Sucess and reliabilty however were main indicators in this field and the latter did not score very high on that. While the afore mentioned methods had horrible success ratings if you had any common sense they were all that was. The only other way, the path most taken, was dumping a mirror, throwing out the old machine and just continue work after the mirror had been copied to the new machine. Who cared anyways… he really had to get to work.

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