the crux of the wonders of modern medicine

When you are lying in your bed sick, know that 100 years ago, on the same social scale, you would probably be dead, fighting for your health with just modern convieniences (heating, warm water etc.) it comes as a revelation how powerful medicine like antibiotics can take your problems away. With such amazing ease and speed.

While modern medicine is in part wonderful it has one large issue that it probably shares with many things important for our lives – trust. Taking away someones trust in something so utterly amazing, or blemishing the trust of the modern medicine in general (fraud etc.) is a crime on humanity.

I do not believe anything by way of administration or oversight hast to or can be changed. What I am very much convinced of is that more severe punishment and management structures that do not promote distrust would go a long way.

[extend – perhaps all usefull things]

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